California Rise Enamel Mug

California Rise Enamel Mug

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Proceeds will be donated to those affected in the Borderline shooting + California Fires.

The California tragedies that we’ve experienced within this last week has been heartbreaking.

12 people lost their lives in the Borderline shooting. 

98,362 acres have burned, 20,839 (88%) of that being the National Park Service in the Santa Monica Mountains alone, 616 structures destroyed - 183 damaged, 3 fatalities, + 57,000 structures are threatened in the Southern California Woolsey Fire. 

142,000 acres have burned, 63 fatalities, 11,862 structures + homes destroyed in the Northern California Camp Fire. 

Our firefighters are fighting the big fight, and we are forever grateful. Being a brand that is fully inspired by Mother Nature, the devastation of our beautiful land & homes is heartbreaking.


The design for this enamel mug not only represents the California poppy but also the courage of our fire fighters + first responders, strength of our community and the motivation to come together & rebuild. Growing up in such a dedicated + strong community has made us proud. The out pour of love, donations & volunteers is something else. Its remarkable to witness our communities coming together during these tragic times. It awakens the souls purpose that we are one.

  • Dimensions - 3.14" x 3.39"
  • Enamel + stainless steel rim 
  • White with black rim