What is Youthquake Revolution?

The Youthquake Revolution is a divine change arising from the actions + influence of the youth.

An American counterculture encouraging all members to explore the wild unknown. 

The inspiration behind these individuals are bringing powerful changes to their communities + the world.

These change-makers have an authentic + compassionate response to diversity,

and most importantly they have the skills to turn their compassion into action.

 Our wish is to share our natural state of mind with the universe,

 evoking every thing passionate from within.

 We are filled with ideals of bona fide individuality + creativity. 

We are Spirit. We are Soul. We are Earth.

 Come one, come all.

 Be the wildflowers rising against the ordinary. 

Join the movement.

 Seize the Youthquake Revolution. 

About the creator -
Kelsey Spiroff currently resides in Malibou Lake, California. Much of what she values most is reflective of her small town roots. She was born in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, home of Michigan's copper mines. She is the great grand daughter of a renowned mineralogist. Her heritage and upbringing have contributed to her passion for working with metals + stones, as well as her love for nature. Her vision is simple and unique, utilizing raw stones and mixed metals to create beautiful, one of a kind pieces. She continuously strives to adapt to sustainable materials to create a more meaningful lifestyle and brand.